WeWork is a provider of coworking spaces with more than 700 offices all around the world. The goal for us was to show the custom hybrid solutions and the flexible, cool workspaces it provides for any need and occasion.

Stuck in a traditional office lease?

He’s John, our super employer, who runs a great business. Sometimes the hunt for the right workplace can really turn into a nightmare and you may find yourself spinning for months without a solution. 

Two buildings, one solution. When our characters have a walk on the street, signs start popping over the constructions, comparing what normal retailers and Wework have to offer.

Welcome to the office

When the elevator doors open, people are usually surprised by how amazing the Wework offices are. The challenge was to express the warmness of the workplace, so we opted for a hand painted style. Every single object in the room should have felt different and peculiar. We included both open spaces and leisure spaces in order to achieve the best possible look.


We literally decorated our small WeWork office with different styles and furniture. We created more than 100 colorful items, including sofas, carpets, ceiling lights, meeting rooms and painted dinosaurs.

It's a small room after all

The office was the main subject of course; we modeled every single piece of it in 3D and we textured the models as they were illustrated on Procreate, then imported and animated on Cinema 4D.

The biggest challenge for us was to provide a room that looked like a 2D painting, that could be easily populated for a great turnaround.

Take a seat

We pictured the moment you get the full offer from WeWork. In a real interview, John would probably feel nervous about it, but he has nothing to be scared of. Jane will make him an offer he won’t refuse.

Working at Wework.

No words are needed when you can see everything with your own eyes. It’s not only about the office, it’s about the people. We drew an happy place, where coworkers can chat, have coffe break, schedule meetings, and free donuts. Johns is never going to feel alone, since he’s surrounded by people who share their routine with him.

Style explorations

We tested several styles in order to decide how the characters should look like, move and interact. Chill, but professional. Casual but also stylish. It was definitely a fun part of the process, but it was also long and challenging.



Creative Director
Riccardo Albertini
Federica Amico, Laura Belli
Traditional Animation
Diego Ferreo, Marta Sofia Marzullo, Monica Piardi, Riccardo Pagano
Riccardo Albertini, Andrea Nobis, Filippo Martinelli
Filippo Martinelli, Riccardo Albertini

Directors Cut