Serenis, the Italian tech company and mental health centre, tasked us to help them telling their online psychotherapy product and services in a cute social campaign.
We combined handmade ink-brushes and motion graphics in the video, bringing an abstract and profound world to life.

Wandering in the dark

The video wants to address mental health, in an accessible way. Serenis can be the solution, if you feel the need to talk or melt some unpleasant nodes in your life.

A handcraft style

In order to enhance the human approach of the app, we picked a unique style for the shapes and the final movements of the animation.
We painted every artboard using abstract shapes and hand-painted grainy textures, to better picture the world of the mind.

Let it all out

A delicate subject deserves a delicate language.
Scene after scene the path of the users, from submission to therapy sessions, is displayed.

Illustration plays a key role in representing mental distress or stress with a friendly twist.
A modern and colorful look embraces all the attention to mental wellbeing and all the stress and the venting become a self-explanatory design on their own.


The UI representation

One of the biggest challenges was representing the app interface in a clear and expressive way.
Here below you can see the process from the first to the last styleframes.

At first we explored an abstract world made of colors and one-of-a-kind shapes, where words and thoughts were just doodles.
Then we found the key to balance the real UI with an imaginative language.

Hand-made motion graphics

Even if this project was animated completely in After Effects, we used traditional animation on the vector graphics to focus on the hand-made movements.
Rad, isn’t it?

The texture magic


Creative Direction
Riccardo Albertini
Lorenzo Florissi, Federica Amico
Lorenzo Florissi, Riccardo Albertini, Andrea Nobis
Music and SFX

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