Securiwiser is a cybersecurity service provider, with a focus on simplicity, affordability and accessibility. 

Our goal was to explain how their tools work and how they keep businesses safe.


Who needs a security server provider when they already have a good antivirus? We chose to set the story in a small office, with an old computer and…some weird stuff about to happen.

In order to tell the bad experience of a random average website, we went beyond the monitor. We plunged into a magical world made of bit, cat pictures and unnamed jpeg files.


Just a normal desktop routine

On the green rolling hills of your desktop lives an adorable website. He loves to play pingpong, drink coffe and relax, because nothing can go wrong, but you know, potential pitfalls linger around the corner.

What does a website look like? To us, it should look quirky and funny. We played with the letter W, the browser tabs, testing human-like and abstract shapes to find the perfect one for our funny, innocent website.


Little bugs. Big problems.

Hackers, bugs, breaches and attacks could find in an old computer their perfect home. We wanted to create real chaos in order to show how many problems a website might encounter.

Welcome to this jungle called web! While exploring virus and bugs, we came up with dozens of designs in order to create our tiny little troublemakers. A special mention to our super expressive and fearful desktop icons.


When things get hacky, it’s time to involve Securiwiser. We wanted it to look as simple to use as it really is. With just two clicks, a super specialized team will take care of your website. 

Devil's in the detail

We wanted every single pixel to feel alive, constantly alive. We added a lot of references to the cyber world, including some 90s iconic icons, lovely bugs and threatening pages.

We designed some bright colorful 3D flat icons, and brought them to life. Have a look at Clipp, the suspicious clip, or at Loki, a very bug-nervous cat. What about the monitor? We put so much effort to recreate a real pixel-perfect old screen.

The environment

We designed in 3D the world they’re in, including all the objects and the entire room, in order to differentiate what’s inside the computer and the real outside world.

We took the 2D cartoonish style and brought it outside the screen. Here are some of the chubby colorful assets we developed with love.

Sleep tight our friend

After all that hard work and when everything is finally ok, it’s time for our little friend to take a nap.


Creative director
Riccardo Albertini
Federica Amico
Traditional animation
Laura Tomelleri, Riccardo Pagano, Marta S. Marzullo
2D animation
Riccardo Albertini, Andrea Nobis
Filippo Martinelli
Sound Design
Jacopo Gobber