The dentist’s scary, right? Prevention is too.
That’s why Mectron asked for our help to break these stereotypes on dental care and to encourage healthier habits, with different 3D mini-commercials.

We needed at first a character with a dazzling smile and a dinosaur sounded just perfect. Mec is the official ambassador of this quirky serie: he’s funny, goofy, he loves simple things like flowers and amateur theatre but, most of all, he’s all smiles.
Here you can find some characters studies from the first sketch to the final result.

A long time ago

There was a time when going to the de ntist was just… brutal. We imagined a dental clinic in the time of our friends dinosaurs. In our minds that period had a great color palette and was fuzzy and funny.

We had a great time mixing photorealism with a minimal and graphic design.

The video swings between pain and wellness, anxiety and calm. We conveyed this concept everywhere with colors, shapes and angles. Take a look at the color scheme and you’ll see how anxiety becomes more and more a distant memory.

I'll count 'till three

Welcome to the pivotal scene. As soon as the creative strategy came to life, we wanted to create a super funny gag for those who are afraid of the dentist. A cavewoman, her bat and a fossil between her teeth is all you need to feel brave.

A smooth final

20.000 years later. Time passed but some things are hard to forget. Our story ends with our little Mec, surprised by our technology made dental care painless and smooth.

A 2D extra touch

Poses, smears and hyperboles: we have them all. Every scene was animated in 2D, then outlined in 3D to give the animation a warm and handcraft style that only the frame by frame can provide. We opted for cell animation on some details like facial expressions and FX.

Below we collected some of our favourite assets from the video.
We tried to combine the world of graphic design made of simple shapes, with a 3D look and feel.


Creative director
Riccardo Albertini, Filippo Martinelli
Eleonora Giuffrida, Federica Amico
Filippo Martinelli, Federica Amico
3D Animation
Filippo Martinelli, Riccardo Albertini, Fabio Donadoni
2D Animation and 2DFX
Laura Tomelleri, Riccardo Pagano
Filippo Martinelli, Andrea Nobis
Music and SFX

Dental care doesn’t hurt anymore