IDEA Academy

We had the honor of collaborating with IDEA Academy, an Italian animation and concept art school, to embark on a remarkable journey together. Our destination? The creation of a captivating students recruitment video that would ignite the spark of curiosity and ignite the flames of artistic ambition.

It's really a jungle out there

Welcome to the thrilling jungle of the digital realm! Grab your explorer’s hat because an exciting adventure awaits. After the jaguar’s conquest, meet Ruby, our sparkling creative spirit, ready to embark on a journey to become a digital artist.


The welcome party

As you approach the temple, brace yourself for a giant, slightly intimidating axolotl guarding the entrance. But hold on! Don’t be scared. This quirky creature is just playing around, ready to throw a wild welcome party.

We’re all about turning scary moments into hilarious triumphs, blending chilling vibes with positive energy. Get ready to step in and never be the same again—in the coolest, funniest way imaginable!

Get ready for an unconventional Open Day experience! Have a look at the storyboard we chisled on this colossal stone, isn’t it breathe-taking? Oh, and don’t forget the Easter eggs—those hidden surprises that add an extra sprinkle of excitement, just like a freshman’s enthusiasm on the first day of school. Come on, let’s go!


It's a trap!

We’ve created some traps along the way, as if learning new software or mastering technical skills would be that challenging. Imagine in real life, pushing a button could delete a file. In our temple, stepping in the wrong place might make you fall into the abyss.

Do you have a pencil to lend me? No, but if you’d like, I have a bone! Especially when you’re in good company, challenges become easier. That’s why one of our main focuses was to showcase the internationality of students and the collaboration that flourishes behind the school desks.

Real production life

Unlock the secrets of the industry as revealed by the industry’s finest educators. Theoretical classes are crucial, but it’s the hands-on practical experiences that will shape you into the artist you aspire to be. Our professors, known as the Tiki Taka squad, have their unique ways of teaching—quirky, yet undeniably effective. We firmly believe that if you can respond to an email while a sword-wielding duck threatens you, you’ll become an exceptional professional with unparalleled skills. Prepare for a thrilling and unconventional journey towards artistic greatness!

Masters of awesomness

Just like IDEA Academy connects their students with real production experts during their courses, we did the same. Ruby’s path crosses with the industry’s crème de la crème—awe-inspiring digital adventurers and supremely talented individuals who possess the power to elevate her artistic journey to extraordinary heights.

Production ready artist

No traps can stop you when a team got your back. One of the coolest scenes of the whole video is the way out from the temple, escaping the giant rolling rock running through a corridor of torchs and lianas (a cliché we couldn’t avoid), towards the happy future of production and real-life challenges.

Finally, as our fearless crew conquers every obstacle, it’s time to bid farewell to the school—err, we mean “the temple” and embark on thrilling new adventures in the realm of real productions. Get ready to savor the sweetness of success!

Glossy 3D elements

We brought this adventure into the third dimension too, with different modeled assets, textured and lighted to make them pop. We embraced a mixed media approach, blending elements—objects, backgrounds, and 2D characters—creating a harmonious fusion of artistic elements that captivate the eye and ignite the imagination.

Animation explorations

Do you want to know what’s behind every scene? Here’s a glimpse into the step-by-step process that led to the final product. We meticulously crafted each frame, paying great attention to detail and giving careful consideration to the storyboarding phase.

Style explorations

We don’t just draw people—we bring characters to life with their own unique backgrounds and personalities. Our little digital artists are bursting with their charm. Ruby is a fearless adventurer, while Willy’s timid nature makes him fear even his own shadow. Franco learns at his own pace but has an incredible smile that can brighten your day. And let’s not forget Pochito, who rocks an awesome yellow Balenciaga poncho like no other.



Creative Direction
Riccardo Albertini, Filippo Martinelli
Storyboard artist
Riccardo Pagano
Federica Amico, Pasquale Garibaldi
Frame by frame animation
Laura Tomelleri, Riccardo Pagano, Eleonora Giuffrida
Compositing and animation
Andrea Nobis, Filippo Martinelli, Riccardo Albertini
Filippo Martinelli, Paolo Costa
Sound design
Cristiano De Petrillo

Ready, set… traps!
The temple
Idea Academy