GS1 Circular Economy

GS1 provides useful tools in order to help companies make strategic decisions in the field of sustainability.
Companies can now digitize their products, getting a “digital twin” which includes full logistic information and is in fact the first and biggest step towards a circular economy.
Logistics is the green keystone to reduce CO2 and waste.

Follow the green line

Talking about ecological change and sustainability can be challenging. We worked hard to blend the natural elements with an industrial setting, in order to display GS1’s ongoing commitment to the environment.

Since linear and circular economy is quite a tough concept to describe, we wanted it to be easy to understand and fun to follow and share. We therefore used our super creativity to translate it into simple and smooth gestures, actions and movements, good metaphors to suggest a deeper meaning and a change of course.​​​​​​​

We worked on two very different stylistic ways: one’s super realistic, the other’s more simplified and totally coherent with the brand’s color palette.​​​​​​​ We started animating the character with traditional frame-by-frame animation, to then make it interact with animated elements in After Effects or even in Cinema 4D, unleashing our technical vocation.


Creative director
Riccardo Albertini
Federica Amico
Marco de Vecchi, Bojan Milinkovic, Andrea Nobis, Filippo Martinelli, Jose Moreno, Riccardo Albertini
Sound design
Jacopo Gobber