Greetings from Italy

At JibJab, an American digital entertainment studio, they have this ongoing project, which includes e-cards from all around the world, made by studios or agencies. 

Their only demand: the agencies should represent their own country! In pure JibJab style, you can put yourself in the video.

Fast forward, here we are with our postcard from Italy! JibJab let us play with our creativity, so we chose to picture our beloved places, some well-known famous spots, in our own way. We’ve had it easy, since Italy is pure beauty. It was an honour for us to have been involved in this fun project!


Creative director
Riccardo Albertini
Federica Amico
Animation and cleanup
Andrea Nobis, Riccardo Albertini, Riccardo Pagano
Music and Sound design
Jacopo Gobber

from Italy