Discord Safety Teen charter

Welcome on board on Air Wumpus, the craziest plane ever. It may seem a bit crowded, but that’s exactly how we wanted it.
Long, endless, with a seat for each of the colorful Discord users, all having fun waiting for an important message from the captain.

Last year, Discord took several steps to implement safety on its platform for younger users, introducing the Safety Teen charter. They reached us to work on the launch video, a special project in line with Discord’s colorful brand.

In the blue painted blurple

Imagine a place so beautiful beyond imagination. We have given wings to the Discord world, shaping the infinite servers where you can play games, stream videos together, share stickers, draw, sing and, why not, drive a kart.
But an airplane like this doesn’t happen overnight, so we studied different variants and versions to figure out how it could be made to accommodate so many people and so many different activities.

Passengers like no other

Want to hang out? We have the perfect crew for you!
Multi-style and multi-dimensional, from the smallest to the largest and with the most varied characters. Below we have collected many of our new friends.
Probably the most fun part of the project was populating the Air Wumpus. On board you can find Phebe, Graggle, Amanda, Cap and the whole crew, but nothing compared to the universe of characters that we created for this project.


Take a full tour following our heli-captain as he delivers his message far and wide.
If the top is where the chill servers are, the bottom is where the players go wild. Moving the camera around, we manage to capture some of the funniest moments in this magical place.
There’s so much going on that you’ll need to watch it over and over again to notice every little detail. That’s why we’ve collected just a few of them here.

Music master

This project was a collaborative effort, where we used every possible technique, including 2D, 3D, 3D that becomes 2D, and animated 2D.

Each phase was a challenge, from the storyboard and illustrations to the frame-by-frame animation and compositing. Each department worked in synergy to create a beautiful final symphony.

More is more

Managing so many details and elements might seem tricky. But in this case, we wanted to convey a universe made up of millions of users, constantly active and connected. So to tell the story of this platform that never sleeps, we created rich boards, full of details and all in the tones of an unmistakable blurple color.

Enjoy your flight

The shorter the video, the smoother the pre-production. Although it might seem like a big mess, this video was planned from the first frame to the last. And if you’re curious about how this flight took off, here’s our storyboard.


Creative director
Riccardo Albertini, Filippo Martinelli
Art director
Filippo Martinelli
Laura Tomelleri
Bruno Medeiros, Lorenzo Florissi, Federica Amico, Bitasi Santos
Riccardo Pagano, Laura Tomelleri, Federico Bressan, Jose Goyo Moreno, Pedram Taghavi, Gaston Herrera, Javier Delestal, Andrea Nobis, Riccardo Albertini, Demian Garnero
Andrea Nobis, Filippo Martinelli, Riccardo Albertini
Music and Sound FX
Production company
Nomint - Marilena Vatseri, Christos Lefakis

A charter for a better place
Safety Teen Charter