Corona: Immerse yourself in the Latin vibes and move to the sound of #LaVidaMásFina!

We were thrilled to partner with Aggressive on Corona’s first animated campaign, where we had the opportunity to craft four colorful animated videos.

You need to crack a Corona to let it transport you to a vibrant setting where the sun, Latin beats and friendly moments never ends.

Initial explorations

There are infinite occasions to which you can enjoy a Corona! On a beach, at a chiringuito, or dancing under the stars.
For each of these, our team of illustrators has created different options, tested many angles, styles, color palette, and characters before choosing the best combination.


Más familia

For each animation, we came up with a different set and different characters. This was the best way to tell the story of such a wide range of products.
Welcome to a friendly block party where strong perspective shots make the dancing truly irresistible.

Más Nights in

We’re having a party tonight with friends and we might make some “noise”. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was creating complex styleframes that could combine texture brushes and grain on characters and environments.
This added different levels of detail to the illustrations while the interplay of lights and shadows blended the product with the 2D worlds.

Más Hangouts

Pop the cap on your Corona, add a lime wedge, and join your friends for a super-fresh aperitif! In this video, we combined the photographic style of real bottles with frame-by-frame animation, achieving a seamless result thanks to a lot of compositing work.


Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a Corona with friends, gathered around a great barbecue. The scene revolves around the glass bottle and the convivial atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, look at the yellow and blue color palette that we played with to create these unique settings. Whether it’s night or day, indoors or outdoors, we wanted to recreate the radiant vibes of a sunny beach in every styleframe with just a few colors.

Character design

The characters embody the Latin spirit, with warm, multicultural vibes and we played with styles, vibrant clothing choices and personalities.

Living La vida más fina with the perfect outfit! Here you can see some of the many tests we produced to create this large crew. Each one is different, each with its own unique style.


Styleframes and animation

More than twenty versions of each scene were created in the search of the perfect styleframe. The level of detail in each shot is incredible.
We invite you to watch one scene at a time to appreciate the rich buffets and fancy bars, all decorated to perfection. Special mention goes to the custom type in each video, which conveys the final message of the commercials.

This is a full frame-by-frame video, where the biggest technical challenge was the use of textures. These textures were hand-drawn in 2D, requiring our animators to develop custom brushes to achieve the final result.


Mixed media

To capture every realistic detail of an ice-cold Corona, the videos adopted a mixed media approach, featuring live-action studio shots of the beers, combined with stunning 2D animations and illustrations for a cool, modern, and pop feel.


Creative agency
Production company
Directors, ECDs
Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Creative Directors
Riccardo Albertini, Filippo Martinelli
Axec. Producer
Alex Aab
Kat Jassmann
Etienne Proulx
Key Grip
Joe Gajewski
Chief Lighting Technician
Jules Tomko
Production Supervisor
Gail Wettengel
Assistant Production Supervisor
Andy Pearson
Product Specialist
Jay Neander (DragonFly Films)
Product Specialist Asst.
Scott Coleman (DragonFly Films)
Product Specialist Asst.
Emily Carter (DragonFly Films)
Product Specialist Coord.
Marquee Neander (DragonFly Films)
Key Costumer
Martha Heppler
Phantom Tech
Bryan McLean
Prop Master
Ashley Irons
Martha Heppler
VFX Supervisor
Daniel Shapiro
Adam Thomson, Jason Yantz
Post Head of Production
Alexander Aab
Post Producers
Dustin Pownall, Alex Aab, Lauren Cooper
Post Coordinator
Isabella Crawford
Art Director
Filippo Martinelli
Lorenzo Florissi, Federica Amico, Pasquale Garibaldi, Bitasi
Riccardo Pagano, Laura Tomelleri, Federico Bressan, Jose Goyo Moreno, Pedram Taghavi, Gaston Herrera, Andrea Nobis, Riccardo Albertini, Joëlle Carreño, Kyrylo Novikov, André Boyd, Marta Sofia Marzullo, Federica Rotoloni, Maria Grazia Fabbri, Matilde Simoni, Inaki Amurro
Lead Compositor, Finishing
Alejandro Taylor
Additional Compositing
Andrea Nobis, Filippo Martinelli, Riccardo Albertini, Daniel Shapiro
Online Conform
Alejandro Taylor, Dan Shapiro
Storyboard Artists
Mercer Boffey, Laura Tomelleri, Eleonora Giuffrida
Dominik Deras
Dana Sakaieva

La cerveza más fina
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