Your Year

To help launch “Your Year”, and motivate the masses to become their best selves in 2016, we combined illustrative animation with delightfully styled live action to craft a charming story of an imaginary calendar year coming alive with new opportunities.

We teamed up once again with our friends at Aggressive, to draw animation right over their live action footage.

production co / vfx

Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro

Mark Pugh

production designer
Vanessa Vazquez

storyboard artists
Peter Oumanski

illustrator and designer
Peter Oumanski

animation director
Riccardo Albertini

2D animation
Marco de Vecchi, Andrea Fantechi,
Bianca Mansani, Riccardo Albertini

Riccardo Albertini, Dan Shapiro

production manager
Dustin Pownall

color grade
Rob Sciarratta

music and sound design
Wesley Slover