Beech nut

just gentle cooking

When NY based Agressive approached us with the task of showcasing how Beech Nut’s “Real Food For Babies” is made, we developed a unique concept combining sunny live-action with whimsical 2d animation.

Eventually crafting an entire, illustrated, animation-driven Beech Nut factory set on the wooden table of a cozy, real-world kitchen.

Beech Nut

Story Worldwide

production co / vfx

Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro

Hillary Cutter

Joe Arcidiacono

storyboard artists
Rodier Kidman, Riccardo Albertini

art director
Rodier Kidman

animation lead
Riccardo Albertini

additional animation
Santi Agusti, Cristina Cappelletti

Dan Shapiro, Santi Agusti

color grade
Rob Sciarratta

sound design
Wesley Slover

Rhian Sheehan

We essentially took care of all the hand drawn, frame by frame animation that had to be overlapped with the live action, it has been a big challenge and an amazing amount of frames to draw.

In the process, some 3D elements have been hand traced after they’ve been modeled and animated in the scene, so that they’d lose that stiff unnatural look.