Soft bodies

When creating small projects for my 2012 reel, I asked myself what would be cool to see, that would be “impossible” in real life.
And I though about a good classic brainstorming word: contrast.
Seeing unbendable, rock hard things become gummy and inflatable like, would have been cool, also I wanted to give Cinema 4D soft bodies a go in a long time.
One does not simply pick a complex 3D model and apply a soft body tag on it.
Indeed, my first tests with the soft body tag were a disaster: the model was collapsing on itself, the processing was so slow sometimes the CPU would freeze and part of the model were compenetrating.
Luckily Cinema 4D has an intelligent solution called mesh deformer.

This simply uses another object as a cage for your main object, the best thing is you can use it for whatever you want, but in my case I wanted to apply a soft body tag to the cage and use the deformer on the main object.
Having a cage made of few polygons, helps the simulation and the calculations for the CPU, keeps the collisions more realistics and makes the model more solid.

I don’t own any right for the models, I just found them on some free 3D models websites.
Music is Second place by Earsmack:

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