Ace green

Ace Green is Ace’s eco-friendly line, which uses 100% recycled plastic, with low environmental impact, raw materials of plant origins and no microplastics, sold in recycled paper packaging. Our team worked on the corporate video, which is aimed at showing their new green products, but also raise awareness on the environmental issue. Playing with the brand color and a background inspired by the recycled paper, we tested different stylistic choices, focusing on natural shapes, anatomy of the characters and textures. We opted for a fresh and immediate visual storytelling, to inspire a positive reaction and spread a strong message.

Creative and animation director
Riccardo Albertini
Federica Amico
Additional design
Tania Yakunova
Marco de Vecchi, Marianna Forti, Andrea Nobis, Riccardo Albertini

Sound design
Jacopo Gobber