I know summer started a while back, but, inspired by the looping gifs around the web, such as the ones you can see on FFFFOUND, I decided to make a summer themed animation.

I gave this project three basic rules:

All had to be done in Cinema 4D

I wanted to try to make something not very typical straight inside Cinema. Usually the “3D with ambient occlusion and GI” look is good, but why not emulating some vector illustration and turn them into animation? I thought this kind of limitation is a good chance to experiment with the software and create unexpected results.

Every animation had to be an infinite loop

Now, not all loops are perfect, but I learned how to smoothly reset the position of a physic object and the logic behind a loop with several moving objects in it. Good way to learn how to keep the scene clean.

Two colors only and one of which white

that seems easy, but in some scenes it was really hard to explain a situation without the help of at least one more color.

I modeled and animated everything straight in Cinema 4D, with basic objects and my little modeling and materials knowledge.It’s been a lot of fun and sometimes a bit challenging, as it has been for the umbrella one, or the fan with the sticking pieces, but I’ve learnt a lot about Cinema and about the cloth engine as well (wich I partially hate :) ).
The Kanji you see at the end, is the japanese for summer: Natsu.

All the sound design was kindly done by Wesley Slover, a talented sound designer I met on Vimeo.
The work with him has been quite cool, as it was the first time for me to work so closely with a sound designer, there was a lot of back and forth.
Check his Vimeo page: and don’t hesitate to contact him!

Kids screaming “Natsu” kindly provided by @studioardesign :)

I am also thinking about releasing the Cinema 4D project files as well.
So, apart from the animation you can find at the top of this page, here’s the full gifs set!
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